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Evening Entertainment

by jpsadmin on 11 July 2020
Evening Entertainment

There’s more than enough evening entertainment Costa Blanca for you—if you use it all up, you really need to slow down. The evening entertainment, one must remember, often means, to be technical, morning, since so much of it will happen at three and four and five a.m., with things not getting started until about midnight.


OK, there might be an exception. Before the real nightlife begins, you have to have dinner, and that’s an activity for nine or ten p.m. On the Costa Blanca, dining at a restaurant means indulging in high-end seafood caught from the Mediterranean that morning and prepared by renowned chefs. property for sale here is at a premium for foodies. You can enjoy either Spanish or Valencian cuisine chiefly, with some general Mediterranean fare thrown in for good measure. Spanish and Valencian dishes include the rish dish paella, often with shrimp thrown in tends to feast on lobster, monkfish, or prawns from the sea. For more information on restaurants in a particular towns, check javeapropertysearch out our entries for individual towns. For example, we list property for sale in Javea, and the entry on that town discusses its best restaurants.

Gastronomy and Restaurants

Clubs and Other Nightlife

We also have listings for property for sale in Moraira, one of the bigger and most entertainment-oriented towns on the Costa Blanca. The articles on Moraira discuss the bars, clubs, and discos to be enjoyed there. Up and down the Costa Blanca, you’ll find plenty to satisfy your drinking and clubbing urges.

In Oliva, this means hanging out at the fabulous xiringuitos, outdoor pavilion bars with huge crowds and a great community atmosphere. In Benidorm, you can choose between the Cayman Bar, Daytona Rock Bar, Heartbreak, and others.

Whether it’s Javea, Gandia, Benidorm, Moraira, or some of the smaller towns, you’ll find plenty in the way of nightlife and bars. You can even find food trucks serving you some greasy post-drinking fare at six or seven a.m.

Because of the heavy influence and presence of expatriate culture, one can find pubs and other venues with a European, non-Spanish flair. A few of the towns have British or Irish pubs, with pints of Guinness always flowing.

Whatever your preferences evening entertainment Costa Blanca, nightlife and evening entertainment will always be available on the Costa Blanca. It’s a bit more obvious in the hopping tourist spots like Benidorm, and may reward a smart seeker in some of the smaller towns. Enjoy!


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