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You aren’t a tourist. Perhaps you’re retiring and would like to travel a little with a home base in Spain. Maybe you’d like a rental for various family members to stay in during their travels. Perhaps you’ve accepted a position at a prestigious Spanish company for a couple of years. Whatever your long term needs, we have apartments and villas for sale in Denia.


Denia is a charming village on the Costa Blanca, between Valencia and Alicante. It’s the judicial seat of Marina Alta, and has a population of 45,000. Like most towns on the Costa Blanca it was tailor-made for gazing out at the mesmerizing blue of the Mediterranean. The homes fan out between the hills and beaches and overlook the sea and the sails of the small boats in the harbour.

The port brings in commerce to the city, comprising the chief component of its economy. It remains a fishing village, and is connected to Ibiza and Mallorca by ferry. It’s a sort of central location, with business coming and going by boat from all directions.

One of the charming and interesting facets of the town is the bonfire festival each March. During this odd event, people set fire to enormous paper mache statues, fallas. To some extent, the bigger the statue the better—it is thought of as a competition. The largeness of the statue creates a spectacular immolation.

Even when the main festivals aren’t taking place, Denia is jovial and festival, with plenty of live music year-round.

There are a lot of ways in which the day-to-day culture of Denia is laid back and tradition-oriented. People take siestas in the afternoon and eat dinner at night. Mornings are for fishing or sitting in cafes. The lifestyle is generally relaxed and carefree. Coffee and iced beverages and pastries abound, creating a full sensual experience as you sit among the historical stone buildings.

It’s a lifestyle to get used to and to take in, making it your own. If you aren’t interested in purchasing property, a long term rental will be perfect for you. We have the knowledge and expertise of the market and have many affordable, high-quality options.


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