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Between Valencia and Alicante sits the sparkling tourist oasis, Moraira. It’s a quaint village of 10,000, though this swells to 36,000 in summer. A good tourist town has its niche and Moraira’s is its marina, along with its yacht club. This makes the town such a Summer draw for wealthy boaters, whether they be business tycoons, soccer pros, or other celebrities.

The yacht club serves as an organized way for sporting boaters to have their sea-faring fun, and also as their social hub. It comes complete with a sort of country club with its stock of nice restaurants for the nautical clientele.

Moraira - A Paradise for Water Sports and Nautic Friends

Property in Moraira is valuable and premium. The town planners are very careful about how the town is developing, and have ensured that the buildings retain an old-world feel, rather than being skyscrapers that change the tone of the town drastically. They help dot the beach with modest-looking structures that are fun and relaxing without putting on airs.

Another thing to note about Moraira is that it remains a thriving center of agriculture, growing famed muscatel grapes used in wine growing. These grapes have a sweet aroma and can be popped into the mouth as-is or made into raisins. In this way, the town remains vital as a provider for avid eaters—it has its roots in fishing.

Today, one can visit this past by stopping by the fish market to pick up some sea bream, red mullet, or scorpion fish. The town also has a larger market on Fridays, home to various foodstuffs, not to mention fabrics and other items.

When I go to Moraira, I relax and feel like I want to never leave this is true just homey and inviting. However, no one stays anywhere forever, and Moraira offers nice access to many other areas. It is a quick shot up the AP7 Motorway to either Calpe or Javea, and isn’t far from the Alicante airport. It also neighbours’ Teulada.

Whether you are on a quick visit, a long term stay of a month, or a permanent residence, you’ll want to try the many restaurants in Moraira. As is the case in most towns in the Costa Blanca, you will find flavourful paellas and shrimp and other varieties of seafood. Once you’ve tasted fish or crustaceans caught early that morning, you’ll understand the flavour of the Costa Blanca!


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